Song on our most recent release ‘X’ are heard live at every show! Listen live, always some extended jams unique to the moment. Stop by the stage when you do and say hi :)
All hail the even year 2024 ! Live music makes summer nights more memorable. Please sign up below to keep in tune with Jettykoon. Jettykoon? Where did we get the name? Well it was the Summer of 2009 and my son Cashus was 2 yrs old. We were always at the beach in Montauk and Cashus became fascinated with the ocean jetty at Ditch Plains. We spent that summer together in search of a mythical creature, a Jettykoon. Inspired by the sound of the waves, crazy sea creatures, and raccoon footprints found in the jetty sands. Although young Cashus never caught a good look at a Jettykoon (not for lack of trying. daddy made sure of that.) together we shared those sun-soaked summer days with inspiration, exploration, and music.