Refer To The Rock

Posted by Thomas Muse on May 27, 2014 News | | No comments, missed any shows this weekend? Subscribe on the home page and we’ll put a stop to that :).

lo trovi qui

Happy Memorial Day. I hope you are moved today by some remembrance, tribute to someone who had the will to put others ahead of themselves. I know I did. While singing to the audience at The Montauket during the song ‘Refer To The Rock’ I was moved by the song’s over arching meaning on the eve of this Memorial Day 2014. “lose lips sinking ships, precious cargo going down, you should’ve referred to the rock”.

So here is to referring to the rock, finding and building strong foundations and setting roots deep into what really matters. Focusing on what lasts longer and maybe even having the will to put something bigger than yourself first. The Rock is God and Country. The Rock is Love and Family.
A salute to our sons and daughters around the world who ‘refer to the rock’ each and every day. Come back to us, soon. We miss you.