About Friday’s Talkhouse Show

Posted by Thomas Muse on November 24, 2013 News | | No comments
Thank you Surfrider Foundation and The Stephen Talkhouse for a great night.
Find out more about the “Don’t Rock The Beach” challenges  head to  http://easternli.surfrider.org/
Jettykoon knows east end communities depend on the health and survival of our ocean beaches, some
of the most beautiful in the country.  We support responsible, thorough planning and robust public
involvement in any proposed project(s) that may affect the health and future of our beaches.   We do
not accept the sacrifice of our beach to rock revetments and stone jetties.  The beach is on the move
baby, best get out of it’s way.
Special thanks to
Mike Mazz     sitting in on second lead guitar (and killing in!)
Job Potter  harp
Klyph Black  sound / acoustic guitar/ back up vocals on Ripple
Nancy Atlas for the quick jump up and vocal love
All who came down to support Jettykoon and Surfrider Foundation
 photo by Daniel Gonzalez   
Jettykoon Nov22 by DanielGonzalez