SALTBOX Friday Night Live BENEFIT 12/22 6pm w/special guests

Dec 22, 2017 at 18:00

from Nancy:

I have an 11 year old son and the topic of Santa and the truth that stands behind him has been kicking around in our household for the last few years. I had recently heard a fabulous conversation on NPR about how you should tell the child who asks you out right to find someone that is in need of something. A friend or even a stranger. To have that child give that present to the person with one caveat: No name. To give purely of heart. They will then be of the age to be an official Santa’s helper and that feeling in their heart when they do this is indeed the true essence of Santa… and so he is real and live and they feel it.
Stay with me here… I know this is long.
About three weeks ago a friend of mine reached out to me to see if I had any old baby clothes from my last son. A friend of hers, Jillian Calderon, had fallen on hard times in a very real way. She is a single mother and had a baby boy 8 months ago (The dad split when he found out she was pregnant). Then at the young age of 33 she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. She is having a hysterectomy and radiation in the coming weeks and living with her sister.
I don’t know Jillian well but all that do tell me she is a hard worker and a kind soul. She if fine with us telling her story if it will help her baby. I’ll tell you what I do know well… Cervical Cancer. I had my own run in when I was 31 and due to early detection came out alright. They didn’t know if i would be able to have kids but here i am with three. It was frightening and overwhelming and I feel deeply for her and her baby.
So here is the deal.
We will put out a tip cup. Come down to Saltbox and drop a few bucks in it for her. Or wrap up a toy for a baby boy (he is big) or bring some clothes for a kid 12 months to 2 years.
When you do the spirit of Santa, the right kind, will be alive and well.